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Senescence & Programmed Cell Death

Plant Peptides

Plant Organellar Signalling

Delivering Value from Global Root Research

Photorespiration: Origins and Metabolic Integration in Interacting Compartments

The Interface Between Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses

Plant Roots: New Challenges in a Changing World

From the Nucleus to the Apoplast: Building the Plant´s Cell Wall

Plant Phenotyping

Peptides take centre stage in Plant Signalling

Hormone Crosstalk in Plants

Plants & Bioenergy

Breeding Plants to cope with Future Climate Change

Reactive Oxygen & Reactive Nitrogen Signalling Networks in Plants

Roots to Global Food Security

Membrane-Protein Interactions in Plants And Plant Nuclear Envelope, Nuclear Structure and Nucleoskeleton

Plant Organ Growth Control

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Coming soon:

Effects of environmental variation during seed production on seed dormancy and germination Steve Penfield

Environmental signals during seed production strongly affect seed dormancy at harvest and are exploited by plants to generate variation in dormancy levels among progeny

Interactions between nitrate and ammonium in their uptake, allocation, assimilation and signaling in plants Takushi Hachiya and Hitoshi Sakakibara

Two major nitrogen sources, nitrate and ammonium, interact in their uptake, allocation, assimilation and signaling

Genetic diversity and genomic strategies for improving drought and waterlogging tolerance in soybeans B Valliyodan, Heng Ye, Li Song, M Murphy, GJ Shannon and HT Nguyen

Progress and future prospects in soybean improvement for drought and flooding tolerance, including genetic diversity and genomic strategies

The biomechanics of seed germination Tina LH Steinbrecher and Gerhard Leubner

A contemporary perspective on the biophysical and biomechanical mechanisms of seed germination

Nitrogen Sensing in Legumes Jeremy D Murray, Cheng-Wu Liu, Yi Chen and Anthony J Miller

The ability of legume nodules to fix atmospheric nitrogen is regulated by their nitrogen status. Legume nitrogen sensing is therefore very important for the environmental input of nitrogen


Early view: Review papers

Evolving Gene Banks: improving diverse populations of crop and exotic germplasm with optimal contribution selection Wallace A Cowling, Li Li, Kadambot HM Siddique et al.

Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Root Vascular Patterning: a consensus between recent models Nathan Mellor, Milad Adibi, Sedeer El-Showk et al.

Companion cells, a diamond in the rough Sofia Otero and Ykä Helariutta

The heavy metal paradox in arbuscular mycorrhizas: From from mechanisms to biotechnological applications Nuria Ferrol, Elisabeth Tamayo and Paola Vargas


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Special Issues 2017

50 years of C4 Photosynthesis: past, present and future

Plant Vascular Tissue Development

Seed Biology

Legumes: a truly green revolution

Nitrogen Nutrition

Jasmonate signal pathway

The Changing Climate of Plant Membrane Biology


Special Issues 2016

Plant Cell Wall

Plant Roots: new challenges in a changing world

The Interface between Abiotic & Biotic Stress Responses


Plant Organellar Signalling

Roots: below ground solutions to global challenges

Plant Peptides

Reviews 2016


eXtra Botany

Hairless but no longer clueless: understanding glandular trichome development Johannes W Stratmann and Carlton J Bequette

Coping with stress: mechanics of the expanding leaf Anne-Lise Routier-Kierzkowska and Daniel Kierzkowski

Why are leaves hydraulically vulnerable? Lawren Sack, Thomas Buckley and Christine Scoffoni

High-throughput phenotyping technologies allow accurate selection of stay-greem Greg Rebetzke, Jose Jimenez-Berni, William Bovill et al.

New role for a CEP peptide and its receptor: complex control of lateral roots Michael Taleski, Nijat Imin and Michael A Djordjevic



Making Data Accessible with Dryad Our submission system is now fully integrated with Dryad to allow authors to conveniently deposit the data underlying the results and conclusions of the paper during submission, simplifying the process. Data are given a Dryad DOI ensuring bidirectional links between the article and the data, increasing visibility for both.

Video talks from UK PlantSci 2016 meeting are available to watch now! Giles Oldroyd, Ian Mackay, Anthony Hall, Steven Spoel, Eirini Kaiserli, Ari Sadanandom, Philip Poole, Gabriele Berg, Roeland Berendsen, Alison Bennett, Davey Jones, Ellen Fry, Mafalda Nina, and Alessandro Allegra on building a roadmap for UK Plant Science

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Current Issue:

Darwin review: The plant energy sensor: evolutionary conservation and divergence of SnRK1 structure, regulation, and function Tom Broeckx, Sander Hulsmans and Filip Rolland

The heavy metal paradox in arbuscular mycorrhizas: from mechanisms to biotechnological applications Nuria Ferrol, Elisabeth Tamayo and Paola Vargas

Plants grow with a little help from their organelle friends Judith Van Dingenen, Jonas Blomme, Nathalie Gonzalez and Dirk Inzé

Osmotic stress is accompanied by protein glycation in Arabidopsis Gagan Paudel, Tatiana Bilova, Rico Schmidt et al.

Nitrite is the driver, phytohormones are modulators while NO and H2O2 act as promoters of NO2-induced cell death Dörte Kasten, Axel Mithöfer, Elisabeth Georgii, Hans Lang, Jörg Durner and Frank Gaupels

Ethylene and auxin interaction in the control of adventitious rooting in Arabidopsis A Veloccia, L Fattorini, F Della Rovere, A Sofo, S D’Angeli, C Betti, G Falasca and MM Altamura

Differences in glycosyltransferase family 61 accompany variation in seed coat mucilage composition in Plantago spp JL Phan, MR Tucker, SF Khor, N Shirley, J Lahnstein, C Beahan, A Bacic and RA Burton

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