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Plant Peptides

Plant Organellar Signalling

Delivering Value from Global Root Research

Photorespiration: Origins and Metabolic Integration in Interacting Compartments

The Interface Between Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses

Plant Roots: New Challenges in a Changing World

From the Nucleus to the Apoplast: Building the Plant´s Cell Wall

Plant Phenotyping

Peptides take centre stage in Plant Signalling

Hormone Crosstalk in Plants

Plants & Bioenergy

Breeding Plants to cope with Future Climate Change

Reactive Oxygen & Reactive Nitrogen Signalling Networks in Plants

Roots to Global Food Security

Membrane-Protein Interactions in Plants And Plant Nuclear Envelope, Nuclear Structure and Nucleoskeleton

Plant Organ Growth Control

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Dying to Live: Cell elimination as a Developmental Strategy in Angiosperm Seeds Gwyneth Ingram

Cell elimination occurs frequently during plant organ development but is particularly prevalent in seeds. This observation in light of the seed's unique structural characteristics and evolutionary history

Nitrogen Remobilisation during Leaf Senescence from Arabidopsis to Crops Marien Havé Anne Marmagne, Fabien Chardon, and Céline Masclaux-Daubresse

Overview of the mechanisms involved in nitrogen recycling and remobilisation during leaf senescence and to present the different approaches undertaken to improve nitrogen remobilisation efficiency using both model plants and crop species

Late Seed Maturation: Drying without Dying Olivier Leprince , Anthoni Pellizzaro, Souha Berriri and Julia Buitink

This review highlights our current knowledge on the processes and regulatory mechanism that occur during late maturation of developing seeds and that underlie the preparation for the dry state

Challenges and Perspectives in Commercializing Plastid Transformation Technology Niaz Ahmad, Franck Michoux, Andreas Lössl and Peter J. Nixon

This article discusses the technology of transforming the plastid genome, the positive and negative features compared to nuclear transformation and the current challenges that need to be addressed for successful commercialization

How can we improve Crop Genotypes to increase Stress Resilience and Productivity in a future climate? AA Thiry, PN Chavez Dulanto, MP Reynolds and WJ Davies

Developing a new crop breeding tool to improve genotype selection for sustainable production of wheat, while delivering increased understanding of whether a high yield under stress is due to resilience or productivity or both.


Early view: Review papers

C3 cotyledons are followed by C4 leaves: intra-individual transcriptome analysis of Salsola soda (Chenopodiaceae) M Lauterbach, K Billakurthi, G Kadereit et al.

Combining Genetic and Evolutionary Engineering to establish C4 Metabolism in C3 Plants Yuanyuan Li, David Heckmann, Martin J Lercher, and Veronica G Maurino

Plant Programmed Cell Death from a Chromatin's Point of View David Latrasse, Moussa Benhamed, Catherine Bergounioux et al.

Morphological changes in senescing petal cells and the regulatory mechanism of petal senescence Kenichi Shibuya, Tetsuya Yamada and Kazuo Ichimura

A generalised stoichiometric model of C3, C2, C2+C4, and C4 photosynthetic metabolism Chandra Bellasio

Perspectives on interaction between metabolism, redox, and epigenetics in plants Yuan Shen, Emmanuelle Issakidis-Bourguet, and Dao-Xiu Zhou


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Special Issues 2017

50 years of C4 Photosynthesis: past, present and future

Seed Biology: from laboratory to field

Legumes: a truly green revolution

The Changing Climate of Plant Membrane Biology

Plant Vascular Tissue Development: making Connections

Nitrogen Nutrition


Special Issues 2016

Plant Cell Wall

Plant Roots: new challenges in a changing world

The Interface between Abiotic & Biotic Stress Responses


Plant Organellar Signalling

Roots: below ground solutions to global challenges

Plant Peptides

Reviews 2016


eXtra Botany

Why are leaves hydraulically vulnerable? Lawren Sack, Thomas Buckley and Christine Scoffoni

High-throughput phenotyping technologies allow accurate selection of stay-greem Greg Rebetzke, Jose Jimenez-Berni, William Bovill et al.

New role for a CEP peptide and its receptor: complex control of lateral roots Michael Taleski, Nijat Imin and Michael A Djordjevic

Transgenic high-lysine rice - a realistic solution to malnutrition? Wenyi Wang and Gad Galili

Endogenous auxin biosynthesis and de novo root organogenesis Ya Lin Sang, Zhi Juan Cheng, and Xian Sheng Zhang

2,4-D transport and herbicide resistance in weeds Burkhard Schulz and Kabelo Segobye

Breaking the rules of Rubisco catalysis David T Hanson

Unwinding JAZ7 - enigma to harmony Christine Shyu



Video talks from UK PlantSci 2016 meeting are available to watch now! Giles Oldroyd, Ian Mackay, Anthony Hall, Steven Spoel, Eirini Kaiserli, Ari Sadanandom, Philip Poole, Gabriele Berg, Roeland Berendsen, Alison Bennett, Davey Jones, Ellen Fry, Mafalda Nina, and Alessandro Allegra on building a roadmap for UK Plant Science

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Grain production versus resource and environmental costs: towards increasing sustainability of nutrient use in China Xiaoqiang Jiao et al.

BES1 regulates the localization of the brassinosteroid receptor BRL3 within the provascular tissue of the Arabidopsis primary root Jorge Salazar-Henao et al.

Fine tuning chloroplast movements through physical interactions between phototropins Olga Sztatelman et al.

Host-induced silencing of Fusarium culmorum genes protects wheat from infection Wanxin Chen et al.

The contribution of vascular and extra-vascular water pathways to drought-induced decline of leaf hydraulic conductance Patrizia Trifiló et al.

A compendium of temperature responses of Rubisco kinetic traits: variability among and within photosynthetic groups and impacts on photosynthesis modeling Jeroni Galmés et al.

Stay-green traits to improve wheat adaptation in well-watered and water-limited environments John T Christopher et al.

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