UK PlantSci 2013 & the Journal of Experimental Botany

Nigel Kerby
Mylnefield Research Services Ltd

Running time: 00:21:30 min

Creating Impact through Science and Innovation


Mylnefield Research Services Ltd. (MRS) was incorporated in 1989 following the UK Government’s removal of support for near market research in public sector research establishments (PSREs). MRS was one of the first companies in the UK incorporated to commercialise a PSRE (Scottish Crop Research Institute) without government subsidy. Over the last 20 years of profitable trading, MRS has: licensed and sold intellectual property, spun out companies, established a charitable trust, created joint ventures and importantly partnered with industry to take products to market. In 2011, MRS became an affiliate of the newly created James Hutton Institute, Europe’s newest and possibly largest research institute addressing the global challenges of food security, sustainable agricultural intensification, climate change and land use. Key drivers of agri-food innovation are a strong science base and effective public/private partnerships. Through plant breeding, MRS has developed a portfolio of successful potato and soft fruit varieties all brought to market through partnerships with private sector companies. The James Hutton Institute (Dundee), through MRS’ commercial activities, has one of the highest economic impact factors for a research organisation, it generates over £17 in the UK economy for every £1 of government investment. Plant breeding has been pivotal in this success and creates a pathway for translating science into products. We have bred the No.1 UK organic potato (Lady Balfour), the potato variety Vales Sovereign (winner of the New Best Product Variety in Tesco 2008), both the UK and Spanish No.1 raspberry varieties, Glen Ample and Glen Lyon, respectively. Over 50% of the world blackcurrant varieties were developed at the James Hutton Institute and are enjoyed in the UK’s iconic brand Ribena®. MRS deploys science and biotechnology in its breeding programme and is committed to training the next generation of plant breeders.


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