Special Issues

Plant Organellar Signalling

Delivering Value from Global Root Research

Photorespiration: Origins and Metabolic Integration in Interacting Compartments

The Interface Between Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses

Plant Roots: New Challenges in a Changing World

From the Nucleus to the Apoplast: Building the Plant’s Cell Wall

Plant Phenotyping

Peptides take centre stage in Plant Signalling

Hormone Crosstalk in Plants

Plants & Bioenergy

Breeding Plants to cope with Future Climate Change

Reactive Oxygen & Reactive Nitrogen Signalling Networks in Plants

Roots to Global Food Security

Membrane-Protein Interactions in Plants And Plant Nuclear Envelope, Nuclear Structure and Nucleoskeleton

Plant Organ Growth Control

Mechanisms of Plant Insect Interactions

Integrated Approaches to Sustain & Improve Crop Production under Drought Stress

Plant Nitrogen Nutrition

Fruit Development and Ripening

Plant Senescence

C4 and CAM Photosynthesis

Plant Photobiology

The Plant Cell Cycle/Chromatin & Epigenetics

Plant Vascular Trafficking

Oxidative Stress & Cell Death

Nutrient Sensing & Signalling

Peptide Signalling

Special Issues Archive

Video Talks from UK PlantSciences 2014 meeting

Play Video
Feed, food and fuel: plants and future security

Tim Benton
University of Leeds

UKPlantSci 2014

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The Future of UK Plant Science: current status and future challenges
- Part 1

Jim Beynon
University of Warwick

UKPlantSci 2014

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Global Change, Food Production and Security

Peter Gregory
East Malling Research, UK

UKPlantSci 2014

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The Future of UK Plant Science: Open floor and panel discussion
- Part 2

Dale Sanders, John Innes Centre
Mark Chase, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Sarah Gurr, University of Exeter
Mike Bushell, Syngenta
Sandy Knapp, Natural History Museum, London

UKPlantSci 2014

Traits, niches and ecosystems through time

Tiina Sarkinen
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

UKPlantSci 2014

Mechanisms of plant colonisation by pathogenic and symbiotic microbes

Sebastian Schornack
Sainsbury Lab Cambridge

UKPlantSci 2014

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Getting in shape. Genetic diversity underlying fruit form and patterning

Lars Ostergaard
John Innes, UK

UKPlantSci 2014

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Biotechnological opportunities for Citrus improvement arising from the molecular study of Sicilian blood oranges

Cathie Martin
John Innes Centre

UKPlantSci 2014

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Heterologous synthesis of omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic plants via iterative metabolic engineering

Johnathan Napier
Rothamsted Research

UKPlantSci 2014

Play Video
Developing sustainable biofuels from lignocellulosic L23 plant biomass

Simon McQueen-Mason
University of York

UKPlantSci 2014

Play Video
Turning the leaf into a biodiesel factory

Peter Eastmond
Rothamsted Research

UKPlantSci 2014

Play Video
Plant Cillit Bang! And the dirt is gone! Using TNT to understand detoxification of organic pollutants by plants

Liz Rylott
University of York

UKPlantSci 2014

Play Video
Sustainable water use in rice

Adam H Price
University of Aberdeen

UKPlantSci 2014

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