Special Issues

Senescence & Programmed Cell Death

Plant Peptides

Plant Organellar Signalling

Delivering Value from Global Root Research

Photorespiration: Origins and Metabolic Integration in Interacting Compartments

The Interface Between Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses

Plant Roots: New Challenges in a Changing World

From the Nucleus to the Apoplast: Building the Plant’s Cell Wall

Plant Phenotyping

Peptides take centre stage in Plant Signalling

Hormone Crosstalk in Plants

Plants & Bioenergy

Breeding Plants to cope with Future Climate Change

Reactive Oxygen & Reactive Nitrogen Signalling Networks in Plants

Roots to Global Food Security

Membrane-Protein Interactions in Plants And Plant Nuclear Envelope, Nuclear Structure and Nucleoskeleton

Plant Organ Growth Control

Mechanisms of Plant Insect Interactions

Integrated Approaches to Sustain & Improve Crop Production under Drought Stress

Plant Nitrogen Nutrition

Fruit Development and Ripening

Plant Senescence

C4 and CAM Photosynthesis

Plant Photobiology

The Plant Cell Cycle/Chromatin & Epigenetics

Plant Vascular Trafficking

Oxidative Stress & Cell Death

Special Issues Archive

Video Library - Talks from UK PlantScience meetings

Video Talks UK PlantSci 2016 Meeting

Keynote Talks:

Giles Oldroyd - Engineering nitrogen fixing symbiotic associations in cereals

Philip Poole - Plant control of the rhizosphere microbiome

Heterosis and Epigenetics:

Ian Mackay and Anthony Hall

The Molecular Basis of Signal Transduction in Plants:

Steven Spoel, Eirini Kaiserli and Ari Sadanandom

The Plant Microbiome:

Gabriele Berg, Roeland Berendsen and Allison Bennett

Ecological Resilence:

Davey Jones and Ellen Fry

Abiotic Stress:

Mafalda Nina

Future generations:

Keir Bailey, Jan Bettgenhauser

UKPSF Update: Building a roadmap for UK Plant Science

Video Talks UKPlantSci 2015 Meeting

Keynote Talks:

Guy Smith - Crop production - agronomics, economics or politics?

Caroline Dean - Epigenetics switches underlying seasonal timing

Plants and Agriculture:

Mike Gooding, Jim Monaghan and Robin Allaby

Trees, forests and environmental change:

Kate Hutchinson, Dan Bebber and Richard Buggs

Roots, Soil, Nutrients and Water:

Malcolm Bennett, Miriam Gifford, Emily Schofield, Carly Stevens, Yoselin Benitez Alonso and Beth Penrose

Ecology, Environment and Biodiversity:

Dieter Helm, Nigel Maxted, Tomasz Czechowshi, Jonathan Millet and Mike Garratt

Future generations:

Ruth Le Fevre, Sebastian Achterfeldt and Helen Holmes

Open to the floor - Building a roadmap for UK plant science


Simon Leather, Rick Mumford, Huw Jones, Stefan Kepinski and Celia Knight

Video Talks UKPlantSci 2014 Meeting

Plant science - sustaining life on earth:

Keynote Talk: Tim Benton

Food and Agriculture


Peter Gregory, Lars Ostergaard, Adam Price

Environment, Diversity and Adaptation:

Tiina Sarkinen, Sebastian Schornack, Liz Rylott

Plants as Factories:

Simon McQueen-Mason, Cathie Martin, Johnathan Napier, Peter Eastmond

Open to the floor - The future of UK plant science


Jim Beynon, Dale Sanders, Mark Chase, Sarah Gurr, Mike Bushell, Sandra Knapp

Video Talks UK PlantSci 2013 Meeting

Plant Science in a Changing World

Keynote Talks: Charles Godfray and David Baulcombe

Ecology, the Environment and Biosphere:

Richard Bardgett, Toby Pennington

Adapting to Environments:

Beverly Glover, Mikhail Semenov, Catherine Kidner

Plant Protection and Defence:

Paul Birch

Biology to Benefit Society:

Mark Watson

Plants as Producers:

Nigel Kerby, David Atkinson

Inspiring Future Generations


Gary Foster, Phil Smith, Ann Osterrieder, Mary Williams

Video Talks UKPlantSci 2012 Meeting

Keynote Talk:

Sir John Beddington

Plant Biodiversity and Evolution:

Sandra Knapp, Richard Mott, Phillipa Borrill

Carbon Capture and Yield:

Julian Hibberd, Iain Donnison, Alison Smith, Christopher McClellan

Genomics and Breeding:

Ian Graham, Richard Summers

Adapting to Environments:

Bill Davies, Charles Paton, Sarah Kendal

Plant and Soil:

Giles Oldroyd, Nick Ostle, Jo Hulsmans

Plant Science Education


Celia Knight, Ginny Page, Mary Williams

Video Talks GARNet 2011 Meeting