Spring 1999

This is the eighth issue of CTImusic News and the seventh to be published on the Web. It is, by and large, a copy of the paper version but with obvious links to other web pages made active. In this case, the paper copy is largely a summary of Web publications anyway so the links are more significant than usual. It is our hope that overseas readers may prefer this version in future - it will be available as soon as the paper copy is produced (i.e. sooner than waiting for surface mail!) and will save us considerable postage costs. Paying subscribers to CTI Music will, of course, continue to receive the paper issue by airmail, in addition to their copies of Musicus.

CTI - Past, Present and Future

The Atkins Report on the CTI and the TLTSN

The Call for Bids for the new Subject Centres to replace CTI

ALT-C - subject-specific day at this international conference on new learning and teaching

Digital Resources for the Humanities - music strand at this humanities conference

CTImusic News is © 1999 CTImusic, Lisa Whistlecroft. All rights reserved. Work on CTI Online News by Joyce Martin, Helen Beetham and Scott Weidman of CTISS gratefully acknowledged.

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