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This is our journal, which is sent out free of charge to all full-time UK HE Music academics. Others can subscribe at a cost of 12 pounds sterling per issue (EC countries) or 18 pounds (elsewhere).

Six issues of Musicus have been published so far. The current issue is Volume 5.

Contents Pages

Musicus Volume 1/i (June 1989)

Musicus Volume 1/ii (December 1989)

Musicus Volume 2/i&ii (June/December 1990)

Musicus Volume 3 (December 1993)

Musicus Volume 4 (June 1995)

Musicus Volume 5 (June 1997)

Back issues of 1/i, (6) 2, 3 and 4 (all 12) are still available from CTI Music. Issue 1/ii is now out of stock but libraries requiring full runs should contact us about special arrangements. We hope soon to make the full text of issue 1/ii available via these web pages so that individuals can browse them here.

Musicus' ISSN is 0958-0999

Page last updated: 16 July 1998