Scaling up business solutions

Research indicates that the growing instability of our planet’s ecological system poses an existential threat to humanity.

This could potentially shift the entire Earth system in such a way that life as we know it would become impossible.

Such risks have not gone unheeded, with many in the political and civil sectors calling for solutions. 

This work stream supports the ongoing development and implementation of a leading example, Action2020. This ambitious collaboration between the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (the world’s premier business association focused on sustainability) and a globally prominent network of scientists aims to develop targets for how businesses can improve their sustainability.

Pentland Centre Professor and Director, Gail Whiteman, has provided scientific advice to the WBCSD as a part-time Professor-in-Residence, and has been actively engaged in the Action2020 project development from its inception. Other Pentland Centre academics, such as Dr Jessica Davies, are exploring ways to utilise scientific information in specific Action2020 business solution areas such as ecosystem change and soil.