Students working together


The Pentland Centre’s team are committed to education and are actively engaged in teaching across the University campus.  

The team currently contributes their specialist knowledge to postgraduate and undergraduate modules that form part of LEC and LUMS degree programmes.

Dr Patrick Bigger brings his expertise on Economics and Finance, Dr Paul Young shares his insights on environmental challenges and in climate modelling and Dr Alison Stowell covers topics that focus on technology and management and the natural environment. 

Below is a sample of the modules we are involved in (Click on the links above for further details of the LEC and LUMS degree programmes and modules).

LEC undergraduate Part I ‌Dr. Patrick Bigger teaching LEC 326 Cities and Globalization

  • LEC.101 Global Environmental Challenges (Dr Paul Young – Contributing Lecturer)
  • LEC.114  Society and space - Human Geography (Dr Patrick Bigger – Contributing Lecturer)
  • LEC.181  Numerical Skills (Dr Paul Young)

LEC undergraduate Part II

  • LEC.326 Cities and Globalization (Dr Patrick Bigger – Contributing Lecturer)
  • LEC.378/LEC.477 Global Change and the Earth System (Dr Paul Young)

LUMS undergraduate Part I

  • OWT.101 Managing Organisations, Human Resources and Technology (Dr Alison Stowell – Contributing Lecturer)

LUMS undergraduate Part II

  • OWT.230 Management and the Natural Environment: Ethics and Sustainability (Dr Alison Stowell  - Convenor)
  • OWT.320 Managing People and Change (Dr Alison Stowell - Contributing Lecturer)
  • MGNT321 Management in the 21st Century (Dr Alison Stowell - Contributing Lecturer)


  • FMBA514 Responsible Management and Ethics (Dr Alison Stowell - Contributing Lecturer)