Dr Adam Fish


Research Overview

As a cultural anthropologist, I use ethnographic methods to investigate how media technology and political power interconnect. I examine digital industries—such as social media firms--that exercise their powers of persuasion and digital activists who challenge those powers—such as hacktivists.

Much of my research focuses on the industry and activism surrounding digital video, of which I am both a critic and practitioner. My documentaries--on issues as varied as the lives of refugees from Bhutan and hacktivists in Britain--have been screened internationally on television networks and in film festivals. My scholarship on the politics of internet video is resulting in the 2016 book, Technoliberalism (Palgrave Macmillan).

I have expanded my focus to encompass information infrastructure—such as data centres in Iceland where I conduct fieldwork--which is a key site for the generation as well as the resistance to political power. My most recent work on the politics of hacktivism and information infrastructure is complete and will be appearing in 2016 as the co-authored book, After the Internet (Polity).

Before joining academia, I was a federal and tribal archaeologist for ten years working to preserve the cultural heritage of Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

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