Dr Andrew Hardie

Reader in Linguistics

Research Overview

My major specialism is corpus linguistics - specifically, the methodology of corpus linguistics, and how it can be applied to different areas of study in linguistics and beyond. I am currently working on applications of corpus methods in the social sciences and humanities. I am also very interested in the use of corpus-based methods to study languages other than English, especially the languages of Asia, with an especial focus on issues in descriptive and theoretical grammar.

Automatically analysing large texts in a GIS environment: the Registrar General’s reports and cholera in the nineteenth century
Murrieta-Flores, P., Baron, A., Gregory, I., Hardie, A., Rayson, P. 04/2015 In: Transactions in GIS. 19, 2, p. 296-320. 25 p.
Journal article

The online use of Violence and Journey metaphors by patients with cancer, as compared with health professionals: a mixed methods study
Semino, E., Demjen, Z., Demmen, J., Koller, V., Payne, S., Hardie, A., Rayson, P. 5/03/2015 In: BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care.
Journal article

Spatializing and analysing digital texts: corpora, GIS and places
Gregory, I., Cooper, D., Hardie, A., Rayson, P. 4/02/2015 In: Deep maps and spatial narratives. Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Modest XML for corpora: not a standard, but a suggestion
Hardie, A. 04/2014 In: ICAME Journal. 38, 1, p. 73-103. 31 p.
Journal article

Dealing with heterogeneous big data when geoparsing historical corpora
Rupp, C.J., Rayson, P., Gregory, I., Hardie, A., Joulain, A., Hartmann, D. 2014 In: Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. IEEE p. 80-83. 4 p.

XML encoding for spoken learner (and other) corpora: a modest approach
Hardie, A. 2014 In: Learner corpus studies in Asia and the world . Kobe, Japan : School of Languages and Communication, Kobe University p. 49-62. 14 p.

AraSAS: a semantic tagger for Arabic
Mohamed, G., Hardie, A., Potts, A. 22/07/2013
Conference paper

Corpus Linguistics 2013: abstract book
Hardie, A., Love, R. 2013

Customising geoparsing and georeferencing for historical texts
Rupp, C.J., Rayson, P., Baron, A., Donaldson, C., Gregory, I., Hardie, A., Murrieta-Flores, P. 2013 In: Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. IEEE p. 59-62. 4 p.

The history of corpus linguistics
McEnery, T., Hardie, A. 2013 In: The Oxford handbook of the history of linguistics. Oxford : Oxford University Press ISBN: 9780199585847.

Prerequisites to a corpus-based analysis of EEBO-TCP
Baron, A., Hardie, A. 09/2012

Which 'Lancaster' do you mean? Disambiguation challenges in extracting place names for Spatial Humanities
Rayson, P., Baron, A., Hardie, A. 09/2012

CQPweb - combining power, flexibility and usability in a corpus analysis tool
Hardie, A. 2012 In: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 17, 3, p. 380–409. 30 p.
Journal article

Combining documentation and research: ongoing work on an endangered language
Michaud, A., Guillaume, S., Hardie, A., Toda, M. 2012 In: Proceedings of IALP 2012 (2012 International Conference on Asian Language Processing). MICA Institute, Hanoi University of Science and Technology p. 169-172. 4 p.

Corpus linguistics : method, theory and practice.
McEnery, T., Hardie, A. 2012 Cambridge : Cambridge University Press. 294 p. ISBN: 9780521838511 .

Extending corpus annotation of Nepali: advances in tokenisation and lemmatisation
Hardie, A., Lohani, R., Yadava, Y. 2011 In: Himalayan Linguistics. 10, 1, p. 151–165. 14 p.
Journal article

Twenty-first century Corpus Workbench: Updating a query architecture for the new millennium
Evert, S., Hardie, A. 2011 In: Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2011 conference. Birmingham : University of Birmingham

Visual GISting: bringing together corpus linguistics and Geographical Information Systems
Gregory, I., Hardie, A. 2011 In: Literary and Linguistic Computing. 26, 3, p. 297-314. 18 p.
Journal article

A corpus-based approach to text reuse in the newsbooks of the Commonwealth
McEnery, T., Hardie, A., Piao, S. 2010 In: The dissemination of news and the emergence of contemporaneity in early modern Europe . Farnham : Ashgate p. 251-286. 36 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

On two traditions in corpus linguistics, and what they have in common
Hardie, A., McEnery, T. 2010 In: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 15, 3, p. 384-394. 11 p.
Journal article

Freeing up digital content with text mining: New research means new licenses.
Dunning, A., Gregory, I., Hardie, A. 07/2009 In: Serials. 22, 2, p. 166-173. 8 p.
Journal article

A morphosyntactic categorisation scheme for the automated analysis of Nepali
Hardie, A., Lohani, R.R., Regmi, B.N., Yadava, Y.P. 2009 In: Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 2009. Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter p. 171-196. 26 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Collocational patterning in cross-linguistic perspective: adpositions in English, Nepali, and Russian
Hardie, A., Mudraya, O. 2009 In: Arena Romanistica. 4, p. 138-149. 11 p.
Journal article

Corpus linguistics and historical contexts: text reuse and the expression of bias in early modern English journalism
Hardie, A., McEnery, T. 2009 In: Corpora and discourse – and stuff. Göteborg : Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis p. 59-92. 34 p. ISBN: 978-91-7346-669-1.

Corpus linguistics and the languages of South Asia: some current research directions
Hardie, A. 2009 In: Contemporary corpus linguistics. London : Continuum p. 262-288. 27 p. ISBN: 9780826496102, 9781441181336.

Empowerment and disempowerment in the Glencairn Uprising: A corpus-based critical analysis of Early Modern English news discourse.
Prentice, S., Hardie, A. 2009 In: Journal of Historical Pragmatics. 10, 1, p. 23-55. 33 p.
Journal article

First language acquisition
Hardie, A. 2009 In: English language : description, variation and context / . Basingstoke : Palgrave p. 609-624. 16 p. ISBN: 9781403945891.

The Child Language Survey
Pooley, N., Hardie, A., Rayson, P., Hoffmann, S., Alcock, K., Cain, K. 01/2008

A Collocation-based approach to Nepali postpositions
Hardie, A. 2008 In: Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory. 4 , 1, p. 19-62. 44 p.
Journal article

Construction and annotation of a corpus of contemporary Nepali
Yadava, Y., Hardie, A., Lohani, R., Regmi, B.N., Gurung, S., Gurung, A., McEnery, T., Allwood, J., Hall, P. 2008 In: Corpora. 3, 2, p. 213-225. 13 p.
Journal article

Using a semantic annotation tool for the analysis of metaphor in discourse.
Koller, V., Hardie, A., Rayson, P., Semino, E. 2008 In: metaphorik.de. 15, p. 141-160. 20 p.
Journal article

Collocational properties of adpositions in Nepali and English
Hardie, A. 2007 In: Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2007 conference.

Exploiting a Semantic Annotation Tool for Metaphor Analysis
Hardie, A., Koller, V., Rayson, P., Semino, E. 2007
Conference paper

From legacy encodings to Unicode: the graphical and logical principles in the scripts of South Asia.
Hardie, A. 2007 In: Language Resources and Evaluation. 41, 1, p. 1-25. 25 p.
Journal article

Part-of-speech ratios in English corpora.
Hardie, A. 2007 In: International Journal of Corpus Linguistics. 12, 1, p. 55-81. 27 p.
Journal article

A glossary of corpus linguistics.
Baker, P., Hardie, A., McEnery, T. 2006 Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press. 192 p. ISBN: 978 0 7486 2018 0.

Corpus-building for South Asian languages
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A computer-assisted approach to the analysis of metaphor variation across genres.
Semino, E., Hardie, A., Koller, V., Rayson, P. 2005 In: Corpus-based Approaches to Figurative Language. . Birmingham : University of Birmingham School of Computer Science p. 145-153. 9 p.

Analiza morfologiczno-składniowa korpusów (‘Part-of-speech tagging’):.
Hardie, A., Levin, E., Pezik, P. 2005 In: odstawy językoznawsta korpusowego (‘Foundations of corpus linguistics’). Lódz, Poland : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego p. 75-94. 20 p.

Automated part-of-speech analysis of Urdu: conceptual and technical issues.
Hardie, A. 2005 In: Contemporary issues in Nepalese linguistics. Kathmandu : Linguistic Society of Nepal p. 49-72. 24 p.

Review of: Lars Borin (ed). 2002. Parallel corpora, parallel worlds. Selected papers from a symposium on parallel and comparable corpora at Uppsala University, Sweden, 22–23 April, 1999. Amsterdam: Rodopi
Hardie, A. 2005 In: Languages in Contrast. 5, 2, 6 p.
Book/Film/Article review

Corpus linguistics and South Asian languages : corpus creation and tool development.
Baker, P., Hardie, A., McEnery, T., Xiao, R.Z., Bontcheva, K., Cunningham, H., Gaizauskas, R., Hamza, O., Maynard, D., Tablan, V., Ursu, C., Jayaram, B.D., Leisher, M. 11/2004 In: Literary and Linguistic Computing. 19, 4, p. 509-524. 16 p.
Journal article

Developing Asian language corpora: standards and practice.
Xiao, R.Z., McEnery, A.M., Baker, J.P., Hardie, A. 25/03/2004
Conference paper

The computational analysis of morphosyntactic categories in Urdu.
Hardie, A. 2004 477 p.
Doctoral Thesis

The ‘were’ subjunctive in British rural dialects : marrying corpus and questionnaire data.
Hardie, A., McEnery, T. 05/2003 In: Computers and the Humanities. 37, 2, p. 205-228. 24 p.
Journal article

A corpus of seventeenth-century English news reportage: construction, encoding and applications.
Archer, D., Hardie, A., McEnery, T., Piao, S. 2003 In: Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2003 conference.. Lancaster University : Department of Linguistics

Constructing corpora of South Asian languages.
Baker, P., Hardie, A., McEnery, T., Jayaram, B. 2003
Conference paper

Corpus data for South Asian language processing.
Baker, P., Hardie, A., McEnery, T., Jayaram, B.D. 2003 In: Proceeding of the EACL workshop on South Asian languages. Budapest p. 1-8. 8 p.

Developing a tagset for automated part-of-speech tagging in Urdu.
Hardie, A. 2003
Conference paper

Developing an automated semantic analysis system for early modern English.
Archer, D., McEnery, T., Rayson, P., Hardie, A. 2003 In: Proceedings of the corpus linguistics 2003 conference. Lancaster : Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language Technical Papers, University of Lancaster p. 22-31. 10 p.

EMILLE: a 67-million word corpus of Indic languages: data collection, mark-up and harmonization.
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Assessing claims about language use with corpus data – swearing and abuse.
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Proceedings of the 3rd discourse anaphora and reference resolution colloquium.
Baker, P., Hardie, A., McEnery, T., Siewierska, A. 2000 Lancaster : University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language Technical Papers, 237 p.
Working paper

Swearing and abuse in modern British English
McEnery, T., Baker, P., Hardie, A. 2000 In: PALC ’99: Practical Applications in Language Corpora. Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang p. 37-48. 12 p.