Dr Paul Antony Hayward

Senior Lecturer

'The Earls of Leicester, Sygerius Lucanus and the Death of Seneca: Some Neglected Evidence for the Cultural Agency of the Norman Aristocracy'
Hayward, P.A. 30/04/2016 In: Speculum. 91, 2
Journal article

'The Cronica de Anglia in London, British Library, Cotton MS Vitellius C.VIII, fols. 6v–21v: Another Product of John of Worcester’s History Workshop'
Hayward, P.A. 15/12/2015 In: Traditio. 70, p. 159–236. 78 p.
Journal article

'William of Malmesbury as a Cantor-Historian'
Hayward, P.A. 31/12/2014 In: Music, Liturgy, and the Shaping of History (800–1500). Woodbridge : The Boydell Press for the York Medieval Press

'The History of Historical Practice and the Study of the Past in the Middle Ages'
Hayward, P. 04/2012 The Institute Letter , Spring 2012, p. 7. 1 p.

'St Wilfrid of Ripon and the Northern Church in Anglo-Norman Historiography'
Hayward, P.A. 03/2012 In: Northern History. 49, 1, p. 11-36. 26 p.
Journal article

'The Importance of Being Ambiguous: Innuendo and Legerdemain in William of Malmesbury's Gesta regum and Gesta pontificum Anglorum'
Hayward, P.A. 21/07/2011 In: Anglo-Norman Studies. 33, n/a, p. 75-102. 28 p.
Journal article

'Cults and Saints'
Hayward, P.A. 21/04/2011 In: A Social History of England, 900–1200. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press p. 309–320. 12 p. ISBN: 9780521713238.

Eleven items: ‘The Coventry Chronicle’, ‘Eadmer of Canterbury’, ‘Gervase of Canterbury’, ‘Gloucester Abbey, Chronicles of’, ‘Hugh the Chanter’, ‘John of Worcester’, ‘Norman Annals’, ‘Richard of Devizes’, ‘Thomas of Marlborough’, and ‘The Winchcombe Chronicle’, ‘Winchcombe, Later Annals of’
Hayward, P.A. 10/2010 In: Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle. Brill
Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary

The Winchcombe and Coventry Chronicles: Hitherto Unnoticed Witnesses to the Work of John of Worcester
Hayward, P.A. 1/07/2010 Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 792 p.
Scholarly edition

'Geoffrey of Wells’ and the Anarchy of King Stephen’s Reign
Hayward, P.A. 20/08/2009 In: St Edmund, King and Martyr: Changing Images of a Medieval Saint. York / Woodbridge, Suffolk : The Boydell Press for the York Medieval Press p. 63-86. 24 p. ISBN: 9781903153260.

'Before the Coming of Popular Heresy: The Rhetoric of Heresy in English Historiography, c. 700–1154'
Hayward, P.A. 2005 In: Heresy in Transition: Transforming Ideas of Heresy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Aldershot : Ashgate p. 9-27. 19 p. ISBN: 10–0–7546–5438–1.

'The Cult of St Alban, Anglorum protomartyr, in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England'
Hayward, P.A. 2005 In: More than a Memory: The Discourse of Martyrdom and the Construction of Christian Identity in the History of Christianity. Louvain : Peeters p. 169-199. 31 p. ISBN: 90–429–1688–5.

'Some Reflections on the Historical Value of the So-Called Acta Lanfranci'
Hayward, P.A. 05/2004 In: Historical Research. 77, 196, p. 141-160. 20 p.
Journal article

'Gregory the Great as "Apostle of the English" in Post-Conquest Canterbury'
Hayward, P.A. 01/2004 In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History. 55, 1, p. 19-57. 39 p.
Journal article

An Absent Father: Eadmer, Goscelin and the Cult of St Peter, the First Abbot of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury
Hayward, P.A. 1/08/2003 In: Journal of Medieval History. 29, 3, p. 201-218. 18 p.
Journal article

'De-mystifying the Role of Sanctity in Western Christendom'
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The cult of saints in late antiquity and the middle ages: essays on the contribution of Peter Brown
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'The Miracula inuentionis beate Mylburge Virginis Attributed to "Ato, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia"'
Hayward, P.A. 06/1999 In: English Historical Review. 114, 457, p. 543-573. 31 p.
Journal article

'Sanctity and Lordship in Twelfth-Century England: Saint Albans, Durham, and the Cult of Saint Oswine, King and Martyr'
Hayward, P.A. 1999 In: Viator. 30, p. 105-144. 40 p.
Journal article

'Translation-Narratives in Post-Conquest Hagiography and English Resistance to the Norman Conquest'
Hayward, P.A. 1999 In: Anglo-Norman Studies. 21, p. 67-93. 27 p.
Journal article

'Suffering and Innocence in Latin Sermons for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, c. 400–800 A.D.'
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