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UG - Law 343 Health Care Law and Ethics convenor

PG - LLM101 Founations of Medical Law module leader

Exposing the limits of the law?: biotechnological challenges to global health
Fovargue, S. 2014 In: Law and global health. Oxford : Oxford University Press ISBN: 9780199688999 .

The (ab)use of those with no other hope?: ethical and legal safeguards for recipients of experimental procedures
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Journal article

Does the theoretical framework change the legal end result for mature minors refusing medical treatment or creating self-generated pornography?
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Journal article

Doctrinal Incoherence or Practical Problem? Minor Parents Consenting to their Offspring’s Medical Treatment and Involvement in Research in England and Wales
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Journal article

Editorial for Across the Spectrum of Medical Law: A Special Issue in Honour of Margaret Brazier
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Journal article

La investigación embrionaria humana en Reino Unido: ¿una isla en Europa? [Embryo Research in the UK: An Island in Europe?]
Fovargue, S. 2012 In: Marco Jurídico Eurpeo Relativo a la Investigación Biomédica en Transferencia Nuclear y Reprogramación Celular . Thomson Reuters p. 157-176. 15 p.

Key Changes in the Regulation of Assisted Reproduction Introduced by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008
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Journal article

Xenotransplantation and risk: regulating a developing biotechnology
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The European Union Directive on Organ Donation and Transplantation
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Journal article

Treating Those Who Are Mentally Disordered Under the Mental Health Act 1983: Part 2
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Journal article

Assessing and Detaining Those Who Are Mentally Disordered under the Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Capacity Act 2005: Part 1.
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Journal article

The best interests principle and providing treatment for adults without capacity in England and Wales.
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Journal article

The legal status of the fetus.
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Journal article

One step forward, two steps back? The GMC, the common law and 'informed' consent.
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Journal article

How much information is 'enough'?
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Journal article

Research and Adults without Capacity.
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Journal article

When should precaution prevail? : interests in (public) health, the risk of harm and xenotransplantation.
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Journal article

A plea for precaution with public health : the xenotransplantation example.
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Organ donation and transplantation.
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Why donor insemination requires developments in family law : the need for new definitions of parenthood.
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Journal article

Autonomy, decision-making, and role of the law in protecting the 'vulnerable'.
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Journal article

'Oh pick me, pick me' : selecting participants for xenotransplant clinical trials.
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A Brief Guide to the Human Tissue Act 2004.
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Re R (A Child Appearing by her Guardian ad litem) : assisting conception for the single infertile.
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Journal article

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Journal article

Book review of R. Scott, 'Rights, duties and the body: law and ethics of the maternal-foetal conflict'.
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Warning: Health 'choices' can kill.
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Journal article

The law's response to pregnancy and childbirth : consistency, conflict or compromise?
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Journal article

Mapping stories, mapping bodies.
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Journal article

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Working paper

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