Dr Siobhan Weare


Research Overview

Dr Weare's research interests are focused in the areas of criminal law and criminal justice. She is currently exploring the socio-legal responses to women who commit serious offences, including homocide and sexual violence. More generally, Dr Weare is also interested in violence against women, domestic violence, sexual offences and criminal legal and gender theory.

The English legal system
Weare, S., Gillespie, A. 06/2015
Other chapter contribution

The need for more than an offence of coercive control to combat domestic abuse
Weare, S. 30/04/2015
Other contribution

Five new laws that may have escaped your notice in 2014
Weare, S. 31/12/2014
Other contribution

'Domestic abuse is everyone's problem': why criminalising coercive control just isn't enough
Weare, S. 17/12/2014
Other contribution

The socio-legal response(s) to women who kill: a proposed model for acknowledging their agency
Weare, S. 10/2014 312 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Marital coercion
Weare, S. 26/07/2014 In: Criminal Law and Justice Weekly. 178, 30, p. 455-456. 2 p.
Journal article

You shouldn't have to be perfect to 'qualify' as a rape victim
Weare, S. 2/07/2014
Other contribution

Female co-perpetrated child sexual abuse: agency denial and their victims
Weare, S. 1/07/2014
Conference paper

R v Ian Watkins and B and P – Female perpetrators of child sexual abuse: no longer a hidden crime?
Weare, S. 22/01/2014
Other contribution

Now you see them now you don't?: the battle to block online child sexual abuse images
Weare, S., Ost, S. 28/11/2013
Other contribution

"The mad", "the bad", "the victim": gendered constructions of women who kill within the criminal justice system
Weare, S. 18/09/2013 In: Laws. 2, 3, p. 337-361. 25 p.
Journal article

Michael Salter, 'Organised Sexual Abuse'
Weare, S. 09/2013 In: Modern Law Review. 76, 5, 6 p.
Book/Film/Article review