Joann Wilkinson

Research Associate

Research Overview

My research interests include gender, health, medicine, reproduction and reproductive technologies.

Biosensing networks: sense making in consumer genomics and ovulation tracking
Kragh-Furbo, M., Wilkinson, J., Mort, M.M.E., Roberts, C.M., MacKenzie, A.B. 18/10/2017 In: Quantified Lives and Vital Data. Palgrave p. 47-69. 23 p. ISBN: 9781349952342. Electronic ISBN: 9781349952359.

Ovulation monitoring and reproductive heterosex: living the conceptive imperative?
Wilkinson, J., Roberts, C., Mort, M. 3/03/2015 In: Culture, Health and Sexuality. 17, 4, p. 454-469. 16 p.
Journal article