Dr Mike Roberts

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

Research in my group focuses on the biology of plant stress responses. Using tomato and Arabidopsis as our main models, we study the regulation of responses to plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions, as well as some aspects of abiotic stress. Our main current focus is on priming; the long-term 'memory' of plant stress and its impacts on future defence responses both within and between generations.

More information is available from my lab web pages.


Mike's main administrative role in LEC is as Programme Director for LEC's portfolio of biology degree schemes


Mike’s main teaching includes:

  • a first year undergraduate module in Developmental Biology as part of the LEC BSc degree schemes in Biology
  • a second year undergraduate module in Environmental Physiology as part of the LEC BSc degree schemes in Biology and Ecology & Conservation
  • a third year undergraduate module in Host-Parasite Interactions as part of the LEC BSc degree schemes in Biological Sciences and Ecology & Conservation

Selected Publications Show all 67 publications

Jasmonic acid-dependent regulation of seed dormancy following maternal herbivory in Arabidopsis
Singh, P., Dave, A., Vaistij, F., Worrall, D., Holroyd, G.H., Wells, J., Kaminski, F., Graham, I., Roberts, M.R. 06/2017 In: New Phytologist. 214, 4, p. 1702-1711. 10 p.
Journal article

Treating seeds with activators of plant defence generates long-lasting priming of resistance to pests and pathogens.
Worrall, D., Holroyd, G.H., Moore, J.P., Glowacz, M., Croft, P., Taylor, J.E., Paul, N.D., Roberts, M.R. 02/2012 In: New Phytologist. 193, 3, p. 770-778. 9 p.
Journal article

Next generation systemic acquired resistance
Luna, E., Bruce, T., Roberts, M., Flors, V., Ton, J. 02/2012 In: Plant Physiology. 158, 2, p. 844-853. 10 p.
Journal article