Professor Roger Kemp BSc FREng CEng FIET FIMechE

Professorial Fellow

Research Interests

Roger Kemp is a professorial fellow (working part-time for the University). He lectures on the postgraduate programmes in Safety Engineering and, with LEC, Energy and the Environment. He is particularly concerned with energy use in transport and contributed to the Department for Transport white paper on sustainable transport. His research interests include the safety regulation of the nuclear industry as well as energy use and safety regulation of transport systems. He spent 4 years on the Engineering Policy Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is on the IET Energy Policy Panel. He has provided advice for government departments and given evidence to select committees. He has been an invited speaker at many conferences on energy use and is an Associate of the Cambridge Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG). He was a member of a review group for the Chief Scientific Advisor on the use made of science and engineering in government, has chaired Royal Academy of Engineering committees investigating the impact of the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and heat policy, has undertaken research for the Energy Technologies Institute on carbon reduction through modal shift and a number of investigations for the rail industry. He was also a member of the judging panel, chaired by James Caan, of the Iawards innovation prizes. Before joining the University in 2004, Roger was UK technical and safety director for Alstom Transport. He has worked extensively overseas on metro and high-speed rail projects and spent several years in Paris as project director of the consortium that designed and built the Eurostar trains.

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Benchmarking Transport Energy Consumption.
Kemp, R. 1/02/2007
Other contribution

We need nuclear, but in today's world don't expect the new players to be British.
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Journal article

Regulating Safety in a Disaggregated Private Sector: A Challenge for New Build.
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Other contribution

Is the environment-friendly aircraft an oxymoron?
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Regulating incalculable risks : the link between risk measurement and risk regulation.
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Review of UK energy policy - transport.
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Conference contribution

Hydrogen offers no alternative to main line electrification.
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article