Craig Bojko - Lancaster University 3rd Year Project
Visualizing the Emotional Content of Web Blogs
Hi Everybody,
I've developed this site to display my research whilst at Lancaster University. At the moment its dedicated to my 3rd year project about Visualising the Emotional Content of Web Blogs. The list to the right describes what the different sections hold.

Project Abstract:
Recently there has been a large amount of interest in analysing written text with regard to affect and sentiment. In this paper, we investigate extrapolating sentiment data from web blogs using natural language techniques, and then providing this data as a visualised feedback mechanism to allow readers to gain a deeper insight into the emotional state of the author at the time of writing.
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  • Report - My final report on this research project (Adobe PDF Reader Required)

  • Working Directory - Links to the PHP web application and a description of its use.

  • Downloads - Links to the source for the project & compiled Jar files for the Java Application

Downloads for this Project:

Report (.pdf) - Click Here

Java Sentiment Analysis Application -
Application was developed on Mac OSX 10.6 (Possible compatability with Linux - not tested! But no Windows support yet)
Zipped Folder (All Files) - Click Here
JAR File - Click Here
Java Source Files (.zip) - Click Here

PHP Visualisation Application -
PHP Files (.zip) - Click Here