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In my current post within the database administration team (known as CIS-DBA) within the section that provides all of the services for the University (known is C.I.S.), I am designing systems (both on-line database systems and systems in the more general sense of "ways of working") that ensure that every procedure and operation is fully documented and recorded, carried out every time in the same way, and contains checks that will highlight (and preferably stop) anything that isn't right.

Although it might be supposed by those not working within the computing industry that this would be done already, there are a few instances where complex sequences of very important operations are done from memory, which can lead to variations in the way that they are performed, and, in some cases, errors.

I have a particular interest not just in working to make our systems run more safely, but also in the reasons why computing facilities have sometimes developed without, seemingly, the checks and balances that one would expect in other important technical facilities.



To be continued...

Michael Cowie, August 2015