Jim Taylor has been Professor of Economics at Lancaster University since 1983 and has held visiting appointments at the Universities of Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Cambridge and Melbourne. He has been the Editor of Regional Studies and is currently European Editor of the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies. He is the author of several books and has published extensively in regional economics, labour economics and education economics.  Recent research includes work on local economic performance, intergenerational mobility, measuring the performance of secondary schools and the effect of ethnicity on educational outcomes. Recent papers include publications in the following journals: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Bulletin of Economic Research, Journal of Population Economics, Manchester School, Scottish Journal of Political Economy and the Italian Journal of Regional Science. In addition to obtaining several research grants from the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation and the Leverhulme Trust, Professor Taylor has acted as consultant to the World Bank. He is currently an associate member of the Labour and Education Economics Research Group at the University of Queensland.




Jim Taylor

Tel: (01524) 594227

E-Mail: jim.taylor@lancaster.ac.uk