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Career Details

On completing  the MA course in the Department in 1971-2, I commenced teaching in the Department. 
Having worked at Lancaster since 1972, I have naturally been involved in teaching at all levels - undergraduate and postgraduate. Currently, I teach and tutor on the first year course. I am jointly responsible for  the second term workshop 'Equal Opportunities' . In addition, I run the second/third year undergraduate course - 'Schooling in Contemporary Society' . I am a member of the policy team for the MA course. I also the tutor responsible for the research  'induction' course for overseas students. 
Research Interests

My research interests reside mainly  in the classic policy issues and divide into three general areas.

1  class race and gender

2  the  school effect 

3 the role of higher education in fostering economic and social development

More particularly, my interest is with the assumptions that drive current thinking on these matters.  Presently, I am working on the belief that has, for the last twenty years, informed government policy on schools - namely that politicians can 'lift' standards.  It is an interest grew out of a consideration of  that other and equally popular presumption that regards education, especially higher education, as an economic investment. My long-term intention is to consider the extent to which the grand claims made for education over the years merely reflect the prejudices of the educated. In short, my research interest is driven by a concern with  the socially dangerous and economically damaging consequences of the growing  preoccupation  with education in high places.. 


The following papers reflect the interests outlined above.

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Currently, I am the Departmental Admissions Tutor.