Selected Working Papers


‘Do Dominant Firms Provide More Training?’ (with C.Bilankos, J. Heywood and N.Theodoropolous)

‘Participation of  Female Directors, Flexible Boards and Firm Performance’ (with S.Homroy)

‘The Effect of Permanent Employment on Absenteeism: Evidence from Labour Reforms in Spain’  (with I. Garcia and M. Navarro) (Current Draft)

Share Capitalism and Worker Wellbeing’ (with A. Bryson, A. Clark and R.Freeman)

Selected Recent Publications

Traffic Accidents and the London Congestion Charge’ (with J.S.Heywood and M. Navarro Paniagua). Journal of Public Economics, 133, 11-22, 2016.

Play Hard, Shirk Hard? The Effect of Bar Hours Regulation on Absence.’ (with M Navarro Paniagua). (forthcoming) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Long Lasting Differences in Social Capital: Evidence from a Unique Immigration Event in Italy’ (with E.Bracco and M. De Paola). Journal of

Economic Behavior and Organization, 120, 160-173, 2015.


`Don’t Forget the Gravy! Are Bonuses and Time Rates Complements?’ (with J.S.Heywood), Industrial Relations, (forthcoming)


‘Dissatisfied Union Workers: Sorting Revisited’ (with J.S.Heywood), British Journal of Industrial Relations, 53, 580-600, 2015.

`Did Liberalising English Bar Hours Cause Traffic Accidents?’ (with J Heywood and M. Navarro), Journal of Health Economics, 35, 189-198,



`Performance Pay and Ethnic Wage Differences in Britain’ (with J.S.Heywood and N.Theodoropolous’), Oxford Economic Papers, 66, 798-823, 2014

`"School Choice and Student Wellbeing (with M. Navarro, D. Ximenez-de-Embun and M. Mancebon ), Economics of Education Review, 38, 139-150, 2014.

`"Employment Protection, Threat and Incentive Effects on Worker Absence’ (with S. Bradley and G.Leeves), British Journal of Industrial Relations, June, 333-358, 2014.

`Does Raising the School Leaving Age Reduce Teacher Effort? Evidence From a Policy Experiment’ (with M. Navarro Paniagua), Economic Inquiry, 50, 1018-1030, 2013.

Piece Rates and Workplace Injury: Does Survey Evidence Support Adam Smith?’ (with K. Bender and J.S. Heywood). Journal of Population Economics, 25, 569-590, 2012.


Colin Green (vitae)

Professor of Economics, Lancaster University

Editor in Chief, Education Economics

Associate Editor, JEBO

Co-Organiser, IWAEE