Selected Working Papers


Play Hard, Shirk Hard? The Effect of Bar Hours Regulation on Absence.’ (with M Navarro Paniagua). (conditionally accepted) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

Traffic Accidents and the London Congestion Charge’ (with J.S.Heywood and M. Navarro Paniagua) (WP) (Current Draft)

Selected Recent Publications

`Don’t Forget the Gravy! Are Bonuses and Time Rates Complements?’ (with J.S.Heywood), Industrial Relations, (forthcoming)

`Did Liberalising English Bar Hours Cause Traffic Accidents?’ (with J Heywood and M. Navarro), Journal of Health Economics, 35, 189-198,



`Performance Pay and Ethnic Wage Differences in Britain’ (with J.S.Heywood and N.Theodoropolous’), Oxford Economic Papers, 66, 798-823, 2014

Unions, Dissatisfied Workers and Sorting’ (with J.S.Heywood), British Journal of Industrial Relations, (forthcoming)

`"School Choice and Student Wellbeing (with M. Navarro, D. Ximenez-de-Embun and M. Mancebon ), Economics of Education Review, 38, 139-150, 2014.

`"Employment Protection, Threat and Incentive Effects on Worker Absence’ (with S. Bradley and G.Leeves), British Journal of Industrial Relations, June, 333-358, 2014.

`Does Raising the School Leaving Age Reduce Teacher Effort? Evidence From a Policy Experiment’ (with M. Navarro Paniagua), Economic Inquiry, 50, 1018-1030, 2013.

Piece Rates and Workplace Injury: Does Survey Evidence Support Adam Smith?’ (with K. Bender and J.S. Heywood). Journal of Population Economics, 25, 569-590, 2012.

Flexible Contracts and Subjective Wellbeing’ (with J.S. Heywood) Economic Inquiry, 49, 716-729, 2011.

`Profit Sharing and the Quality of Relations with the Boss?’ (with J.S.Heywood)  Labour Economics, 17, 849-858, 2010.

 ‘Does Performance Pay Increase Job Satisfaction?’, (with J. Heywood),  Economica , 75, 710-728, 2008.



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