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Padraic Monaghan's homepage

I am Professor of Cognition in the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University and director of the Centre for Research in Human Development and Learning.
My Lab Group conducts research on language and attentional processing, combining computational, brain imaging, and behavioural research. Please see the Research page for details.

Please get in touch if you're interested in working or studying in our group.

I currently teach on undergraduate courses in Advanced Cognition, Research Methods, Historical and Conceptual Issues, and Professional Skills for Psychologists. I also contribute to masters level courses in Psychological Aspects of Marketing, and Developmental Disorders.



Research: Computational

I am interested in using computational models to reveal the structure in the environment to which the brain responds.


Research: Sleep and hemispheres

I am interested in the effect of sleep on learning and brain functioning, and also in how the brain's structure constrains its processing, particularly the division into two hemispheres.


Research: Language

Most of my research concentrates on language processing - how we learn words and grammar, how we learn to speak and to read, and how languages evolve to promote language learning.

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