CSc300 - Stephen M Owens - PAC-LAN: The Resurrection

Working Documents

Project Documents

Below is the final PAC-LAN report, my initial project proposal and the questionnaire that I will use during the field tests

  • PAC-LAN Project Report
  • PAC-LAN Project Proposal
  • PAC-LAN Field Test Questionnaire

  • Code

    The project code can be downloaded from here, this includes the full Android project, the PHP scripts from the server and the MySQL files for the database. I used WAMP to run the server

    Click here to view the WAMP Server website
  • Android Project
  • PHPScripts
  • MySQL Files

  • Interface Designs

    These are the interface designs that I created for the PAC-LAN game, shown are the final designs taken as screenshots from the pplication running on the phone. Below them you can download some zip files that contain the design iterations

  • Version 1
  • Version 2
  • Version 3
  • Version 4
  • Version 5
  • Final Interface

  • Contact: Stephen Owens (Uni)

    Contact: Stephen Owens (Personal)