Part II Degree - Innovation & Enterprise Unit - Social Research Methods Course

As some of you may know I have recently undertaken a small research project as part of my undergraduate degree. The research was undertaken on the 'car parking' situation on campus here at Lancaster. I most certainly opened a can of worms and the response was overwhelming to the emailed questionnaires I sent out.

Many thanks to all of you who completed the questionnaires and for all the comments. I will be using the responses in my Social Research module during my studies next year, but in the meantime these are some of the responses I presented:

Where would extra spaces come from:


Other comments:

A few quotes:

‘I think an excellent solution would be a train station at the bottom of the uni driveway across the A6. The train line is already there and this would make perfect sense for both staff and students’

‘I don’t like constantly being made to feel guilty about travelling to work in my car when the University/council etc can’t offer a suitable alternative’

‘The current mechanism whereby ‘applicants’ have to queue etc to get a licence seems to me to be a waste of valuable staff time (both of the staff queuing and the personnel dealing with the applications).
It should be possible to do this electronically. In fact I would like there to be a direct debit mechanism that extends permits automatically’