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Currently scientific papers have to be submitted to a rigorous review process by a panel of experts before it will be accepted to appear at a scientific conference. However the attendees of the conference do not have an opportunity to voice their opinions. This project researches the existing practices of communication at conferences with the aim to provide a solution that would allow for users to comment and critique papers and presentations, in a simple and effective manner during a conference. Consequently the project has delivered a prototype system thats allows for attendees to comment and critique papers and presentations in real time.

System Functionality

Currently user are able to sign up. However the Twitter details asked for in the sign up process are not used, this is just the form code. In future versions the system would be linked to a twitter account if the user wanted. Everything else ins gin up is collected though. Users are able to log in and out, view their own profile, but other users profiles can not yet be viewed. Their profile has some information that can be edited. It also shows their latest posts, allowing them to track their activity.

Users can create sessions, they can link a file to that session which can be viewed in the document page, a link of a session page. The form says that it checks for file type, however whilst the code is present to do this, it is commented out, because it caused other issues. Everything else in this form is performed correctly. After creating a session they can view a session, from here they can post public and anonymous comments using the comment box, the comments appear in realtime using AJAX. If the session is linked to a conference, their is a conferences tab on the session that shows all comments from any other sessions liked to that conference, users can post general chat comments here again publicly or anonymously. Any user can edit a session by selecting edit.

Users can browse conferences and sessions, they can also use the filter buttons to refine the listed items, however there is not text search functionality.

Users can create sessions by simple providing a unique title, this returns a unique conference code that can be placed in a new session or edit form to link a session to it. When a user views a conference they can see the conference code as well as all the sessions currently linked to it.

The home page contains aggregated information; the latest post, the latest sessions and the latest conferences. the image is there to explain very basically the sysetm, in this version their our no links in this image. In latter versions, the keyword in the image would like to the correct sections of the site.

You can see screenshot of the system by following the link below.

System Screen Shots

Report and Appendices

Following the link below will download a .zip file containing the project report and its appendices

Report Download

System Code

The link below will download a .zip file containing all of the code of the system. This includes all of the code created by me as well as the code generated by the Ruby on Rails platform, that is needed to allow for the system to work.

Plugins have been used in this system, they are references within the report. Any code that was created by a plugin hase been commented so that it is clear that the code is not my own. In some cases the plugin code has been modified, in these cases a comment states that the code is part of a plugin and has been edit/modified by Tom Skarbek-Wazynski.

Code Download

Additional Working Documents

Here you can download a .zip file containing all documents (excluding report) produced during this project. All of these files are already complied within the appendices of the report, but if you wish to look at them individually download this file.

Some of the documents produced during the project were done by hand, therefore some items have been photgraphed or scanned and are saved as .jpgs within the .zip file

Additional Documents Download