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Career Details

I got hooked on doing research during my MA in Education (Lancaster).  Before that I worked as a secondary school teacher of Drama and English, and as an actor/teacher in Theatre in Education Companies. My PhD thesis (also Lancaster) was: ‘The role of gender in the young child’s construction of self within the social context of early school experiences'.  I have worked on  a number of research studies as well as teaching in a range of settings including secondary schools and HE. Before taking up my post here, in January 2001, I taught at Leeds University in the School of Education, (BA in Childhood Studies) and for the Open University (MA in Child Development and Doctoral Programme in Education: Child Development).


I teach on the undergraduate programmes for part 1 and part 2, including EDS 225 ‘Gender and Education’.  I make a number of contributions to the MA and the Doctoral programme.  I am the Research Students Tutor. 

Research Interests

My research interests cluster in the following broad areas:

The role of gender within the formation of identities. Maculinities. Home-school links. Parental involvement in school. Homework. Early years care and education. Family relationships and impact on identity formation. Research methodologies especially, but not exclusively, qualitative methods.

I have been engaged in the following studies:

Raising Achievement in Inner City schools through Parental Involvement. Evaluation of Lancashire SRB funded project. 1992-6.

Fathers, Work and Family Life. Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 1997-1999. With Charlie Lewis (Psychology) and Yvette Solomon (Educational Research) Understanding Families ?: Closeness, Authority and Independence in Mothers, Fathers and 11-16 Year Olds. Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 1999-2000.

Cohabitation, Separation and Fatherhood. Funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 1999-2000.

Evaluation of Cumbria Early Excellence Centre. Evaluation of the DfEE (DfES) initiative to promote quality integrated early years services for young children and families. 2000 (ongoing).

Recent Publications

Gender Consistency at the Start of School. Warin J. (2000) Sex Roles, Vol. 42, Nos. 3/4, 209 - 231.  

The Importance of Gender as an Aspect of Identity at Key Transition Points in Compulsory Education. Jackson C. and Warin J. (2000) British Educational Research Journal, Vol.26, No.3, 375 - 392   

 Parental Involvement: for what? An exploration of the rationales for the involvement of parents in schools. Edwards A. and Warin J. (1999) Oxford Review of Education, Vol. 25, No.3,  325 - 341.

Fathers, Work, and Family Life. Warin J., Solomon Y, Lewis C., and Langford. W. (1999) Family Policy Studies
Centre. London.

Family Understandings: closeness, authority and independence in mothers, fathers and 11-16 year olds.
Langford W., Lewis C., Solomon Y., and Warin J.
(2001) Family Policy Studies Centre. London.

Gender Differences: The Child’s Perspective. Lewis C. and Warin J. (1998) In Men as Workers in Services for Young Children: Issues of a Mixed Gender Workforce, edited by Charlie Owen, Claire Cameron and Peter Moss, published by The Institute of Education. University of London.

Intimate talk between parents and their teenage children: democratic openness and covert control.  Solomon, Y., Warin J., Lewis C., and Langford, W.   Sociology (forthcoming).   


I am a member of the British Educational Research Association and of the British Psychological Society. 

Personal Information

I am a very keen gardener. Besides raising shrubs, flowers and trees I am also bringing up my two teenage sons.

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