Women in Physics

The women in physics group provides a forum for the women in the department to get together to get to know one another better, discuss research and make new contacts. It welcomes undergraduates, postgraduates, research staff and academics.

Lancaster physics has over 60 female undergraduates and more than 20 women at postgraduate level and above, including five members of academic staff. It has achieved Juno Champion status, under an Institute of Physics programme designed to advance women's careers in physics higher education. The women in physics group meets regularly and holds events including lunches, discussion forums and careers briefings.

A cake-off, sponsored by the Department's Women in Physics group, was enjoyed by many women, including students from all undergraduate years, post-grads, post-docs, and academic staff.

One of the valuable outcomes of the Women in Physics group meetings is the informal mentoring relationships which arise. We also run a partnership scheme in which students and researchers can be paired with an experienced female physicist in a particular research area to discuss their career and research options.


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