Our Physics Masterclasses are events specifically set up to broaden Year 12 and 13 students' knowledge and experience.

We aim to enthuse students to continue studying physics and to develop their A-Level physics. We emphasise the "How Science Works" section of the physics A-Level specification during these events. For instance, we explain how the research projects fit into the wider global scientific community. We also host one of the STFC National Particle Physics Masterclasses. Our Masterclasses are delivered by researchers and postgraduate students.

How to attend a masterclass

A maximum of 16 students can attend each Masterclass.  Individual students must apply, and as places are limited, please apply early. All you have to do is complete our booking form stating the Masterclass you are interested in attending.

We will contact you and if there are places available. We will then send you a letter which includes a consent form for your parent or guardian to complete.

Travel allowances

If you live in Cumbria there are travel allowances available. We have a grant from the Ogden Trust to pay for your train fares to these events. We shall send you the tickets once your place is confirmed and we have your completed consent form.

Topics and Dates for 2018

Biomedical Physics, Waves and Oscillations Wednesday 7th March 2018
Turning Points in Physics Wednesday 14th March 2018
Accelerators in Particle Physics Wednesday 18th April 2018, Year 13 only
Low Temperature Physics and Quantum Technology Wednesday 27th April 2018
Space and Astrophysics Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Particle Physics Wednesday 9th May 2018

Our Masterclasses feature

  • Talks from our researchers on cutting-edge science
  • Hands-on sessions in our laboratories demonstrated by our PhD students
  • Small group sizes which encourage a relaxed and supportive atmosphere
  • Based on the A-level specification
  • Real research

Benefits of our Masterclasses

  • Experience university life for a full day
  • Enhance your understanding of A-level concepts
  • Helps you decide if you want to study physics at university
  • No need to come with a teacher
  • Looks great on your UCAS form

To apply for a Physics Masterclass in your school or college, follow the link. Fill out all fields of the form to apply to any of the Physics Masterclasses. The dates are given on the form.


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Experimental Particle Physics

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Departmental Recruitment, Conversion and Marketing Coordinator

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