MSc (by research) in Physics

Students can begin their studies at any time of academic year agreed with the supervisor. They will define and manage an independent research project which will equip them for more sustained and original work at the doctoral level or for advanced level applied research positions in a range of organisations including industry, government and charities.

A feature of this programme is the flexibility required to support student learning in a variety of educational and practical research contexts: some may be more traditional students and largely campus based, whereas some students will be predominantly industry-based by virtue of their employment, or may be on placement.

All students will undergo a period of induction into the programme with their project supervisor. This will lead to the completion of a learning plan involving, the student and the university, and where applicable an outside organisation. During the period of induction, supervisors will undertake a research training development needs analysis (DNA) and make students aware of the research training opportunities offered by the department, faculty, university as well as outside training opportunities.

At the end of the third month (full-time) or sixth month (part-time) a report will be submitted by the student which will enable the supervisor to offer formative feedback on, for example, the student's academic writing skills, progress to date and ability to synthesise information.

Finally a dissertation based on the research, conforming to normal standards of referencing etc for academic work, will be submitted for examination.