‌Nanodevices and Quantum Technologies

Our research is focused on the development of quantum device technology through the creation, manipulation and measurement of quantum states in solid-state systems. The control of such systems at the level of single charge, single flux quantum, single photon and single phonon is enabled by the fundamental physical phenomena, such as superconductivity, the Josephson effect, flux and charge quantisation, macroscopic quantum coherence, non-linear and non-dissipative phenomena, quantum entanglement and the interaction of devices with the quantised electromagnetic field, as well as by advanced engineering creating ultra-cold environment for such systems.

We exploit these effects in lithographically constructed nanoscale structures including Josephson junctions and quantum dots. We also seek advances in the related fields of materials discovery and exploitation, low temperature technology, microwave technology and advanced nanofabrication in order to integrate these devices with other quantum systems such as ‌nanoelectromechanical systems, embedded ions, magnetic materials, and low-dimensional materials.

‌The ability to control and measure quantum states in nanoscale devices makes them a promising platform for building new Quantum Technologies. Potential applications include ‌quantum computing and quantum simulation, quantum encryption, quantum metrology, novel sensors operating beyond the standard quantum limit, new types of lasers, memories, solar cells and batteries.