We offer a range of flexible degree courses that are undertaken over four (MPhys and MSci) or three (BSc) years. You can graduate with one of three different degree qualifications - MPhys, MSci and BSc.

A substantial research-orientated project is a significant component of the final year of the MPhys/MSci schemes. Project topics are usually related to your scheme and to our departmental research strengths. MPhys/MSci degrees are ideal if you are planning a career as a professional physicist and are the recommended route into research degrees. Our Handbook 2016/17‌ and gives highly detailed information for the current year, but the information may change for future years.

A good result from a BSc course, however, will allow you to continue your studies at MSc or research at PhD level or to enter a vocational MSc or teacher training programme.

To give you as much flexibility as possible, our MPhys and BSc courses have a common first year. However, given the extra commitment required for the four-year courses, we will normally make you a higher grade offer.

Physics at Lancaster University

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