Choosing Your Degree

All our degrees provide you with a comprehensive education and give you the skills for further study and valued by employers. We offer a choice of physics degrees at 4-year Masters (MPhys) and 3-year Bachelors (BSc) level.

Degree SchemeYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Common Core Physics Core I
Electric & Magnetic Fields
Quantum Physics

Maths Core
Series Methods
Complex Methods
Vector Calculus
Physics Core II
Quantum Mechanics
Waves & Optics
Properties of Matter
Special Relativity
Particles & Nuclei
Computer Programming

Further Mathematics
Further Linear Algebra
Partial Differential
Fourier Method
Physics Core III
Atomic Physics
Particle Physics
Statistical PhysicsSolid State Physics
Extended project
Physics   Laboratory Advanced Laboratories
Group project (Research or Industry)
2 Optional Courses
6 optional courses
Astrology & Cosmology   Astronomy
Introductory Cosmology
Stellar Astrophysics
Big Bang Cosmology
Astrophysics / Cosmology Project
1 Optional Course
Advanced Relativity
Current Cosmology
4 Optional Courses
Particle Physics & Cosmology   Astronomy
Particle Physics Lab
Introductory Cosmology
Flavour Physics
Big Bang Cosmology
Groups & Symmetrics
1 Optional Course
Advanced Relativity
Current Cosmology
Further Particle Physics
Gauge Theory
2 optional Courses
Theoretical Physics   Analytical Mechanics
Field Theory
Introductory Cosmology
Complex Analysis
Advanced Quantum Methods
Theory Project
1 Optional Course
Advanced Magnetism & Quantum Nanophysics
Quantum Transport
4 Optional Courses
Theoretical Physics with Mathematics Physics Core I
see above

Mathematics I
Differential Equations
Physics Core II
see above

Mathematics II
Real & Complex Analysis
Linear Algebra
Group Theory
Physics Core III
see above

2 Optional Math Courses
Extended physics project
Topology & Fractals
3 Optional Physics

2 Optional Math Courses

Each of our specialist programmes shares a common first year. This provides you with an in-depth understanding of the core aspects of physics, giving you the flexibility to decide on a specialism. This flexibility allows you to tailor the programme to suit your interests and aspirations. You have until Christmas in your second year to commit to a specialist programme. Common modules in the later years and optional specialist modules will allow you to gain a solid foundation of the discipline.

Degree specific lab sessions and projects enable you to develop a high-level of specialist skills and experience. This will be beneficial for your chosen career. The fourth year of the MPhys includes an extended project. This project will offer you excellent experience if you are planning to pursue a career in research, teaching or continue in education and undertake a MSc or PhD.

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