International Students

Lancaster is an international university and our campus community is friendly, vibrant and cosmopolitan.

Our staff and research students originate from many different continents from around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australasia and America. However, our physics undergraduate students are mainly from the UK so, as well as being immersed in fascinating topics in physics, our international students are given ample opportunity to mix and work with UK physics students.

  • Live on Campus: All overseas international students are guaranteed accommodation on the university campus.
  • Scholarships: International students who perform exceptionally well in their school and university entrance exams may be eligible to receive a Physics Department scholarship of £1,000 in their first year of study. For further information see the description of scholarships and bursaries.

Please note that we require IELTS 6.5 or higher for entrance to our degrees.


Lancaster is located just 40 minutes south of the world famous Lake District national park. Although Lancaster is a city, it is relatively small (even for the UK!) and rural, and studying here can help reduce your living costs. Furthermore, according to The Good University Guide 2009, Lancaster is the safest university city in the UK.

Our transport links with the rest of the UK are very good. Manchester is only 1.25 hours away by train and we are served by a number of very good long-distance high-speed rail services : for example, Edinburgh and London are just 2.5 hours away.