Economics 100, 2013-2014

Shane Murphy

Office: LUMS C85 Office Hours: by appointment

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Email address: s dot murphy5 at lancaster dot ac dot uk

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All course information is available on moodle. Please review past papers, available here. I will post power-points that we review in section for each week to this page. Please see moodle for the majority of the course material.


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Past Exam 4 Review

Additional worksheets:

Exam 4 math practice worksheet (solutions).

Exam 3 math practice worksheet 1 (solutions).

Exam 3 math practice worksheet 2 (solutions).

Optimization practice worksheet (solutions).

Duopoly practice worksheet (solutions).

Online Videos:

If you haven't had very much math, I recommend Khan Academy. I link below to a series of videos. Skip any you like. Also please browse the site for more. The main issues we deal with in this class include:
Solving equations, for which I recommend the series, more fancy equations for beginners
and Solving for a variable
and Simplifying complicated equations.
For help in calculus, I recommend Power Rule
and Minima, maxima, inflection points and critical point (you don't need to worry about concavity yet). He also has a nice discussion of elasticity. hi