Staff Research Interests

Our staff have a wide range of research interests across politics, international relations, philosophy and religion.

My research interests include countercultural discourses, protest politics, esoteric thought, and paranormal cultures. I also have a particular interest in the social significane of popular music. I edit the series Studies in Religion and Popular Music (Bloomsbury) and co-edit, with Alyn Shipton, the series Studies in Popular Music (Equinox).

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I work on religion, culture and politics in Africa and the Americas. My primary focus is global evangelicalism, particularly 20th and 21st century Pentecostal Christianity in Brazil and Nigeria.

While I am trained as an historian, my research interests are fundamentally interdisciplinary and have as much to do with the present as the past. They include faith and modernity; health and healing; the supernatural in politics; race; national identity; globalization; and global and comparative methodologies. I am currently writing a book on contemporary demonologies and pursuing projects on alternative spirituality, religious revivalism, and the politics of truth.

In addition to my role in PPR, I am also an associate director of Lancaster University's Institute for Social Futures.

I write for both scholarly and general publications, and am particularly interested in sharing my work with the broader public.

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