Purchasing Cards

Purchasing Cards are issued to individuals, nominated by their Head of Department or Manager, and who are authorised to make purchases on behalf of their department. The card is used to place orders for low value goods and services in agreed categories and up to a predetermined spending limit. 

Travel & Expenses Card (T&E)

The T&E Card is intended for use by frequent travellers, i.e. university personnel who travel and incur expense on university business. Unlike most Visa based cards it is not a credit card and therefore it does not incur monthly interest. Instead any amounts charged to your T&E card (of which you are the sole signatory) will be settled monthly through the university bank account. Although it is a charge card, there is a monthly card limit. Your monthly limit is stipulated at the time of issue but may be adjusted according to your need on the authority of the Dean or equivalent and the Director of Finance. 


Application Forms


Purchasing Card Application

Purchasing Card User Agreement

T&E Application

T&E User Agreement