The aim of this Guide is to provide you with some basic information on insurance matters. The areas that have been concentrated on are those in which we are most frequently asked. Should you require any further information, however, please contact Procurement.

The main policy areas are:

Claims Procedure

Each section above has more detailed claims guidelines which is applicable to the particular type of claim, however generally the following procedures need to be followed regardless:

 1) Prompt Notification of any potential loss or claim must be communicated to Procurement as soon as possible.

 2) Serious Incidents involving injury, fatality or major loss or damage must be notified immediately to Procurement.

 3) Criminal Loss or Damage must be reported to the Police and a Crime Record number obtained.

 4) Do not admit liability to any claimant or their representatives.

 5) Advise Procurement of all the relevant facts together with an estimate of likely costs. Present claim costs promptly.

 6) Contact with our Insurers direct should only take place with the prior approval of Procurement.

 7) If in doubt contact Procurement for advice.

Note: delays in notification of any loss or circumstance which may give rise to a claim or delay in presentation of claim may prejudice your position.

Event Cancellation Cover

Cover can be provided to insure against cancellation, abandonment, postponement, curtailment, relocation or rescheduling of events organised by Lancaster University where costs are not being recharged to delegates. There is an additional charge for this cover, please email for a quotation.