Motor Insurance Policy

The University’s motor insurance policy is with Zurich and the policy number is NHE-07CA04-0013-52

This policy provides motor insurance cover for persons on University business to drive either a vehicle owned by the University or a hire vehicle in accordance with the following details.

Certificate of Motor Insurance


Driver Age Limits

Any licensed driver aged 21 years or over.


General Cover

Comprehensive. Any licensed driver, subject to the above age restrictions and completion of the Driver Declaration Form

Drivers must complete the Driver Declaration form, which is available from your Departmental Officer or Procurement, before driving any vehicle. This form must then be given to your Departmental Officer.

If any of the criteria listed on the bottom of the Driver Declaration form applies, please advise Procurement before organising and commencement of the journey. The necessary arrangements will then be made with insurers to ensure our insurance is valid for that driver. You can download a copy of the DVLA's endorsement codes to assist you if you have anything to declare - Motor Endorsement Codes


Foreign Use

Cover is automatically provided when you visit any country of the European Union, Norway or Switzerland (including Liechtenstein). A copy of our insurance certificate is available from Procurement. Please note that any one trip must be for no longer than 60 days.

If you wish to travel to any other country, you must contact Procurement with all the relevant details. Cover may be considered at an extra premium.


In the Event of an Accident

  1. Contact Green Flag for assistance, Tel: 01489 882110. Out of hours will automatically divert to the response team.
  2. Inform Insurance immediately, Tel: 01524 594974 or Email:
  3. Obtain names and addresses of witnesses and the details of other drivers involved.
  4. Refer any queries from third parties to Insurance. Do not admit liability or offer payment.
  5. Be sure to specify whether your incident involves no injuries, injuries to passenger(s)/third party or injuries to the driver.


Standard Excess

  1. £250 - Payable by the Department
  2. £250 - In respect of windscreens - Zurich's approved windscreen repairer is National Windscreens Tel: 0800 998 1305.
  3. Please note that for damage to vehicles, Zurich will pay up to £1,000. In the unusual event that this figure is exceeded, then the difference will be payable by the Department.


Note: If you are using your own vehicle on University business, please make sure you are covered on your motor policy for business use.