Supplier Sustainability Tool

Lancaster University Procurement Department has recently invested in this innovative tool to help its suppliers create their own sustainability action plan and as a means for promoting sustainability throughout the supply chain.

All Lancaster University suppliers are encouraged to sign up to this new tool as a way of helping them to improve their sustainable and corporate responsibility activity. The tool is free for suppliers to use and is used in collaboration with other Universities and Higher Education organisations.

About the Tool

The tool enables suppliers to the Higher Education sector to create a simple, free and bespoke sustainability action plan for their business, which focuses on issues specific to the individual organisation

This action plan will form part of our ongoing contract management discussions moving forwards, but will not be used to evaluate tenders.

The tool also addresses issues raised by the Modern Slavery Act, which is new legislation that universities are required to report against and as such supplier responses will form part of our annual report.

The tool takes suppliers through a series of steps in order to assess issues and develop a bespoke action plan. It should take less than half an hour to set up the account and create the action plan, and you can save & return at any time. Suppliers simply provide their details, explore the impacts that relate to their activities and the action plan will be automatically generated.

The University envisages that this tool will enable us to work towards the University’s 2020 Strategy objectives and be a means of developing suppliers.

Please click here to see more about this tool and what it can do for suppliers.‌

Signing Up

In order to sign up for the tool please click here and follow the on screen instructions.

The good news is that you only have to fill this out once. Should you have filled this out already for another institution, please update your profile to indicate that you are now supplying Lancaster University. We will then have access to all of the information you have already provided. The same rule applies if you are signing up as a Lancaster University supplier and then go onto supply other institutions that are using the NETpositive Tool.

If you have any technical problems with the tool, please have a look at NETpositive's FAQs pages withinin the tool in the first instance, but if your question remains unanswered, please email

Alternatively you can contact Ben Gomer within the procurement department to discuss the application of the tool at Lancaster University.