International Students

We are proud that our undergraduate program at Lancaster attracts students from many different parts of the world.

We have long-standing links with Universities in America, Europe and Australasia, and we are increasingly attracting students from Asia.

We want to encourage this influx of international students. It improves the intellectual culture of our department and makes it a more interesting place in which to work.

We have many research collaborations that occur at an individual level between staff members too, and we certainly welcome the opportunity to nurture the talents of undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world.

We have staff and students who come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we are keen to maintain this profile.

Further Information and Help

Lancaster's international office is responsible for the welfare of all the university's overseas students (in addition to the support we provide in the department). Their website contains lots of useful information about things like fees, entry requirements, accommodation, language support, and so on.

Student Testimonials

Read what some of our students have said about the department and the campus environment. We are proud of the level of support provided for all our students, which we think is reflected in what students say about us.