Dr Elena Geangu


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I have done all my university degrees at 'Babes-Bolyai University' in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. After postdoctoral training, in November 2012, I joined the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University as a lecturer.

Coherent emotional perception from body expressions and the voice
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Journal article

Culture shapes 7-month-olds' perceptual strategies in discriminating facial expressions of emotion
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Journal article

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Journal article

By the sound of it: an ERP investigation of human action sound processing in 7-month-old infants
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Journal article

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Journal article

The neural correlates of passively viewed sequences of true and false beliefs
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Journal article

Infant Pupil Diameter Changes in Response to Others' Positive and Negative Emotions.
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

Empathy Development - Insights from Early Years
Geangu, E. 12/2009 In: Cognition, Brain, Behavior. 13, 4
Special issue

Empathy development - insights from early years: Introduction to the special issue
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