John Shaw BA, MSc

PhD student

Research Overview

My primary interest is in the way that sleep can impact upon various types of memory, including, but not limited to false memories, valence memories and specific binding memory. I am also interested in the influence of left and right visual field processing upon memories and how sleep can interact with this.

Lateralised sleep spindles relate to false memory generation
Shaw, J.J., Monaghan, P. 12/2017 In: Neuropsychologia. 107, p. 60-67. 8 p.
Journal article

Hemispheric processing of memory is affected by sleep
Monaghan, P.J., Shaw, J.J., Ashworth-Lord, A., Newbury, C. 04/2017 In: Brain and Language. 167, p. 36-43. 8 p.
Journal article

The Impact of Sleep on the Binding of Actions, Objects, and Scenes in VLTM
Shaw, J., Monaghan, P.J. 01/2017
Conference paper

LH Lateralised Sleep Spindles Protect Against False Memories
Shaw, J., Monaghan, P.J. 2017

Impact of culture on binding memory
Shaw, J. 6/01/2016