Marina Bazhydai

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

As a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar in the Interdisciplinary Research on Infant Development programme, I am investigating the developmental precursors of social communication and knowledge transmission in early childhood. In one project, I am specifically interested in infants’ active use of communicative cues (such as social referencing and pointing) to seek information from others in situations of uncertainty and unequal distribution of knowledge. In another project, I am studying how young children learn new information through independent exploration and trust in others' testimony and what information they choose to transmit to an ignorant social partner. I plan to apply both behavioural and neuroimaging methodology to study these questions.

My interest in these topics has grown out of my graduate coursework in the Human Development and Psychology Master's Programme at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Ed.M., Advisor: Paul L. Harris) and research experience at the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies (P.I. Elizabeth Spelke) and Social Cognitive Development Lab at Yale University (P.I. Yarrow Durham).

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