Szilvia Linnert

Research Associate in Language Acquisition, PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

The focus of my research is into the mechanisms of visual categorization. I use electrophysiological techniques to assess how top-down factors influence visual processing and the early visual event-related potentials.

Neural signatures of recognition memory in 10- to 12-month-old infants
Linnert, S., Tóth, B., Nagy, M., Parise, E., Király, I. 19/08/2017 In: Neuropsychologia.
Journal article

ERP correlates of two separate top-down mechanisms in visual categorization
Linnert, S., Reid, V.M., Westermann, G. 10/2016
Meeting abstract

Top-down and bottom-up effects on the visual N1 category differences
Linnert, S., Reid, V., Westermann, G. 08/2015
Meeting abstract

The interplay of holistic shape, local feature and color information in object categorization
Rokszin, A.A., Győri-Dani, D., Linnert, S., Krajcsi, A., Tompa, T., Csifcsák, G. 07/2015 In: Biological Psychology. 109, p. 120-131. 12 p.
Journal article