PsyScript 3

PsyScript 3 is a scriptable experiment generator. It can present pictures, sounds and QuickTime movies and accept feedback from the subject via keys on the keyboard and clicks on images.

Since it runs entirely within a web browser window, experiments can be run on any platform which runs a modern web browser including Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix computers and various tablets and smartphones.

PsyScript's scripting language provides ways of handling repetition, procedures and tables of stimuli in fixed or random orders. It allows for conditional execution depending on the subject's responses so that, for example, a correct response, an incorrect response, and no response at all can lead to three different next steps.

The experimenter can specify which information should be logged and the log can be produced in formats suitable for pasting or reading into various spreadsheet and statistical analysis programs.


Download PsyScript 3 version 3.2.1 from here. Included in the download are tutorials and example scripts and with associated stimuli. The tutorials are the best introduction to how to use PsyScript.

Download a PHP script which lets you collect results on your own server

The documentation says that a PHP script called 'saveALog.php' is available to let you collect your results using your own web server. I haven't finished the documentation for this yet.

Citation Format

To cite PsyScript in APA style, use text like the following, replacing the years, dates and version numbers as appropriate. 

Slavin, S. (2014). PsyScript 3 (Version 3.2.1) [Computer software].
	Lancaster University.  Retrieved June 15, 2015.
	Available from

 To find out which version you used for your experiment, run that copy of PsyScript and look in the top left-hand corner of your browser window.


PsyScript 3 appears to run correctly on Macs and Windows using versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox which were prevalent when it was being developed. It may run in other browsers and on other platforms (feedback welcome, especially about Edge, Unix and Linux). PsyScript 3 does not run properly under any version of Internet Explorer for different reasons with different versions and different configurations. There is no intention of fixing this since PsyScript is intended to run under Edge, Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer.


The software is not being developed further or supported at the current time.

Legal section

  • Simon Slavin asserts his right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) to be identified as the author of this application and its documentation.
  • This application and supporting documentation are copyright ©2014, 2015 Lancaster University.
  • This application is provided as is, with no warranty, assurances or liability accepted or admitted.
  • All rights over this application, its scripting language, source code, support components and supporting documentation are retained by Lancaster University. The university reserves the right to change the conditions of licensing at any time.
  • License to download for immediate installation, to install and to use this application is offered free of charge to non-profit non-commercial organisations including, but not limited to, organisations whose main business is research or education. There are no current plans to change this.

For distribution terms see the documentation included with PsyScript.