Year One

Your studies in the first year are designed to give you a thorough understanding of psychology and it's modern applications.

Understanding Psychology

You will be given an in-depth overview of the main themes of modern psychology:

  • brain and behaviour
  • cognitive psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • social psychology

As our teaching staff are active researchers, you will learn cutting-edge research from experts to complement your studies. You’ll be taught about different research approaches, learn to assess and evaluate scientific journal articles and construct arguments formally in essays.This module is delivered through lectures

This module is delivered through lectures and seminar groups – two weekly lectures and one seminar group. Seminars are a one-hour session where you will be encouraged to discuss your learnings with a small group of fellow students, under the guidance of a tutor.We encourage you to make the most of these groups by becoming used to speaking out, listening to others and learning to increasingly present yourself with confidence.

Investigating Psychology

You will learn about the important practical skills in conducting research in psychology:

  • the approaches used to collect data/test theories in different areas of psychology
  • the ways in which data may be analysed from lab experiments and field studies
  • the professional skills used in disseminating and evaluating research.

This module is delivered through lectures and laboratory classes – two weekly lectures and two weekly lab classes. The labs will provide experience of practising techniques taught in lectures.

Minor Subject of your choice

This allows you the chance to study another subject that interests you and will give you exposure to another part of the University. You are free to choose whatever subject you like but it has to fit in with your timetable. We find that sociology, criminology and philosophy are popular choices with our students.