The way we structure our assessment allows you to manage and pace your studies, as well as giving you feedback on a regular basis.

First year assessment (Part I)

PSYC101 Understanding Psychology

  • one essay each term*
  • fortnightly web assessments
  • end of year exam

PSYC102 Investigating Psychology

  • two practical lab reports
  • eight class tests
  • weekly web assessments
  • end of year exam

* advice on essay writing will be given throughout the programme, in both lecture and seminar format

Common to both modules is web assessment. Each seminar has an associated set of preparatory readings, and the web-based assessment will present a series of questions relating to the readings. You will need to complete these before each seminar.  These assessments allow you to monitor your progress and check your understanding of the work set. 

Second and third-year assessment (Part II)

For most of your Part II modules, you will be assessed by a coursework component and an exam component, with 33% of coursework and 67% of exams.  The research methods modules in the second year are coursework only, and your third-year independent research project is marked on the report itself and oral presentation. 

The methods we use to assess you have been chosen to support you by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, as well as counting towards your module mark.  We focus on developing skills that will help you on the subject and also in general - we have seen that this is very useful when applying for jobs. 

In the second year, you will be assessed in a variety of ways:  short report, report critique, essay, class test or research report. The third year extends to different skills and looks at oral presentation, poster and individual report, group work presentation and media analysis, alongside essays. There are plenty of opportunities throughout your degree for personal development that may not be formally assessed.