Developing your Skills

Your psychology degree will build your confidence in a range of essential skills that employers value, and we have a support system in place to help you achieve your personal best.

Psychology students graduate with a range of transferable skills that are recognised by employers

  • Literacy: writing  fluently, including being able to formulate and articulate arguments clearly
  • Numeracy: being able to handle and interpret statistical information, including using data analysis packages
  • Interpersonal skills: understanding and managing social communication and interaction with others without conflict
  • Problem-solving:  identifying different strategies and approaches to solving problems
  • Critical evaluation:  analysing and appraising information or situations realistically
  • Information gathering:  finding the right information by knowing where to look, what to use and how to use it
  • Independent working:  using your own initiative and knowing what to do when the advice runs out

In a dedicated first-year module, we will help you to develop vital skills to help you prepare for your future career

  • Time management
  • Career planning
  • CV development
  • Job interview skills
  • The dynamics, roles and challenges of working in a team environment
  • Guidance on careers in psychology (with reference to the British Psychological Society

You will have the opportunity to put these skills into practice through voluntary or paid internships.