Lectures, Seminars and Practicals

We use a mix of lectures, seminars and practicals to enhance your learning and to develop essential skills throughout your degree.

In the first year, we teach using a mix of lectures, seminars and practical lab sessions.  In PSYC101 Understanding Psychology, you will attend two lectures a week plus one seminar group. In PSYC102 Investigating Psychology, you will attend two lectures plus a small group practical class twice a week.  We encourage increasingly independent study throughout your degree. The University's policy is that your working week should consist of 40 hours of study. If you have 10 hours of teaching time, we expect you to spend a further 30 hours on private study.


Lectures provide an introduction to the key issues and findings in each topic and are delivered by an expert in that particular field.


Seminars are a weekly one-hour session where you will be encouraged to discuss your learnings with a small group of fellow students, under the guidance of a tutor. We encourage you to make the most of these groups by peaking out, listening to others and learning. You will soon increasingly present yourself with knowledge and confidence. You'll become experienced in being part of a team and explore the topics under study together.

Practical classes

Practical classes are designed to help you discover for yourself the key psychological research methods. You will also get hands-on experience conducting your own psychology experiments in small groups.

Sample Timetable

9am   PSYC101
Understanding Psychology
10am         PSYC101
Understanding Psychology
11am PSYC102
Investigating Psychology
Understanding Psychology
Investigating Psychology
2pm PSYC102
Investigating Psychology
skills lab
    Optional Module  
4pm   PSYC102
Investigating Psychology
psych lab

Please note that this timetable is for demonstration purposes only, and your final timetable will differ.